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curriculum has been developed to encourage the children to have a life long love of learning. We provide a non-competitive environment where children of different abilities, race, cultural backgrounds, and ages work, play, share, and learn from one another.

We provide an environment in which each child has the opportunities to progress at his/her own level of development. We maintain a happy, pleasant atmosphere in which the child can absorb information and find joy in learning.

Our indoor classroom activities are placed on open shelves for selection as interest and readiness inspires the child. Our outdoor environment offers a beautiful developed playground with climbing structures, water play, painting, manipulatives, tricycles, and gardens.

Our curriculum, helping children develop the skills they need to be successful in life with an appropriate plan and schedule should be a prominent focus of any early childhood professional. Curriculum goes hand in hand with assessment, and both should be relevant to your program's goals and objectives. Selecting an appropriate curriculum or designing a program for infants and toddlers can be much harder than choosing an assessment, however. This is mainly because there are a variety of approaches based on different beliefs and practices available.

Our infant-toddler curriculum ultimately support children's development and address each child's individual needs, interests, background, learning style, and rate of learning. Young children need opportunities to do the following in order to build a strong foundation for future learning:

• Look, listen, and respond to their environment.
• Enthusiastically explore their world.
• Actively participate in daily routines and novel experiences.
• Reach developmental milestones on their own accord.
• Acquire and develop social-emotional skills in a nurturing environment.

Our Team

Teacher Kamola

Child Development

M.A. University of World Languages, Child Development, Child Psychology

Teacher Lety

Child Development

Early Childhood Educator, Infant Care, Montessori Child Development.

Diana Petersen

Toddler Development

Early Child Development, Children Psychology.